The Bio Group came about from a chance moment of reflection as one of our directors, laid on a beach in Brazil happened upon a number of plastic straws that had become embedded into the sand. They’d been there some time, worn and sea-swept, but yet there they remained.

It wasn’t until his return that he discovered why.

Plastic straws take over 200 years to decompose

Here’s a great video to explain what really goes on with our trash.

Why The Bio Group?

We’ve over 50 years experience in the food and drink business, from retail to distribution. What we found was no one company offered the products we required as a one stops shop but most of all, few businesses are innovating.

Our mission is to provide the most environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional single-use products without jeprodising quality or cost.

What comes first to us is making an impact.

We are not going to stand around and watch as the planet is choked by plastics, which is why we champion the cradle to cradle economy where waste is processed entirely without going to landfill.

How we do it

By building partnerships with UK manufacturers we’ve cut down on the carbon footprint of our products, and where that’s not been possible there’s been a good reason. For example, our new plastic straw alternative, REPAis currently manufactured overseas but we use eco transport to get it here.

We recognise that although the environmental impact matters a great deal when you’re running a business, consumables are of low importance. That’s why we stock everything your business needs, and if we don’t have it, just ask. Additionally, our online catalogue makes ordering super convenient, no-one wants to spend ages looking for what they need when there are more important things to do.

Delivery is taken care of too, with just a minimum spend of £50 to get free delivery; where we can we’ll aim for next day service.

Most of all it’s down to playing our part in saving planet Earth, that’s why we also provide the tools so you can promote your commitment to being an eco-friendly business.